About Child Safeguarding Policy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

1. The protection and confidentiality of the data of the students who have registered for the Pangea Math World Olympiad is one of the most sensitive issues of the Pangea Wettbewerb Association.

2. Personal information of students, teachers and parents is protected in accordance with the relevant regulations.

3. In addition, the following flexibilities in the registration system are also part of this sensitivity:

> Students, teachers, and parents are not required to provide a valid email address during registration. No confirmation email is sent and no additional action is required after registering.

> Students, teachers, and parents are not required to provide a valid telephone number during registration. No confirmation message is sent and no additional action is required after registering.

> In principle, the Zoom connection is not mandatory. In addition, the student connecting with Zoom is asked to use the Pangea Student ID instead of his or her own name as the display name.

> Students are not required to take exams at school. They can take the exam from home or any other quiet location with internet access. There is no need for a special supervisor.

The above applications' flexibility is aimed at sensitive data-protection-conscious families and schools. However, there are some responsibilities that these exemptions impose on the student, parent or teacher;

- They will not be able to receive notifications if they do not provide a valid email address. In this case, they should follow the Pangea Math official website and announcements link.
- Students who do not have an individual zoom connection will not be awarded a degree or any other awards. This time the next student in the ranking will move up.

Additional Information About Zoom:
An individual zoom connection is required during the exam. With so many fake applications available now, there may be unfair competition in the digital world.

In order to prevent this, a Zoom connection is requested with 1 camera in the Qualification Exam and 2 cameras in the International Final Exam.

Zoom recordings are reviewed after the exam, particularly for those who scored high on the exam, to see if there was any cheating.

In principle, the Zoom connection is not mandatory. However, the student earning the degree is responsible for displaying himself/herself with an open individual camera and a display name. Otherwise, the top ten ranking and the promised award will not be presented.

About Taking Exams as a Group in a Classroom:
When taking an exam in a classroom, at least four cameras in different corners of the room should be set to see the entire class.

PANGEA Student IDs of students in the same class who will take the exam with common zoom cameras should be notified prior to the exam.

The seating plan in the classroom, as well as the rules that students and teachers must follow, will be announced before the exam.

About Payments:
> Pangea registration panel does not use an interface to receive payment and does not save credit card information. It simply directs you to the STRIPE screen, one of the most comprehensive and secure payment platforms available.