Donations and Finance

For years, the Pangea Math project has grown rapidly, and it will continue to motivate and inspire a large number of students in the future. Hundreds of volunteers help us all over the country, whether it's with exam supervision, question preparation, or competition promotion.

Pangea Wettbewerbe e.V. is an ​officially recognized non-profit association based in Frankfurt/Germany. The association does not pursue any financial interests and strives to achieve social goals. The association is financed by sponsorships, donations and participation fees. To be able to continue offering the competition, donors and sponsors are needed who are also involved in the field of education. The donations cover the organization fees (design, domain, hosting, and server fees), official costs and participant awards.

With the growing number of participants, it is important for Pangea Wettbewerbe e.V. to find more sponsors and supporters in order to continue to meet ​high-quality standards. With every donation, we can make the competition a little better and motivate more students to do math. You too can support us with your donations.

Every donation helps to get more students to do math. If you would like to support the Pangea Wettbewerbe e.V. association with a donation you are welcome to transfer your funds to the following account:

Pangea Wettbewereb e.V.
Nassauische Sparkasse (Naspa)
IBAN: DE67510500150189100951
Purpose: Donation [your name, your address]

Following your donation, you will immediately receive a receipt for submission to the tax office. For donations of up to EUR 300, a receipt for a cash deposit or a bank confirmation is sufficient as proof of donation for tax purposes. Proof of donation based on the official sample text is not required.   

Options for Supporting Pangea


You can help too. Support us with a donation.


Supporters are indicated with their logo on relevant printed materials and on our website as "supporters". A supporting institution donates an amount between € 500 and € 2,000 annually.


In addition to using their logos, sponsors can advertise their company at the regional final events and award ceremonies. A sponsoring institution donates an amount between € 3,000 - € 5,000 annually. Joint projects and opportunities for closer cooperation can be discussed individually.

What we offer you:

Account details:

Pangea Wettbewerbe e.V.
Nassauische Sparkasse (Naspa)
Account: 189 100 951
Bank code: 510 500 15
IBAN: DE67510500150189100951