Pangea Math World Olympiad Exam Regulations

Pangea Math World Olympiad, online exam conditions and confidentiality statement are listed below:

  1. Exam duration is 70 minutes for 25 questions.
  2. Pangea Math World Team will monitor participants through the ZOOM program. Violations will be recorded and assessed after the exam. It is recommended that those who experience problems with their zoom connection or become disconnected during the exam continue with the exam.
  3. In the Pangea Qualification Round exam, a zoom connection with one camera is required, and in the Pangea International Final Round exam, two cameras are required.
  4. A counter will display the total exam time and the remaining time until the end of the exam on the screen.
  5. By using the Next / Previous buttons, the questions can be viewed and answered.
  6. There are 4 answer choices for each question. The correct answer can be chosen by marking the A-B-C-D buttons below each question.
  7. The answered questions are displayed on the screen in their order. In order to return to the questions that have not been answered yet, you can just press the relevant question number on that table.
  8. Incorrect questions in the Pangea Qualification Round exam do not reduce received points or cancel out correct questions.
  9. In the Pangea International Final Round, 3 wrong questions reduce the total score by 1 point. Thus, 6 wrong answers will reduce the total score by 2 points.
  10. It is strictly prohibited to use a smartphone, calculator, or any other electronic device for mathematical operations during the exam. However, you can use paper and a pencil.
  11. If a student finishes the exam early and finalizes the exam by clicking the SUBMIT EXAM button, he/she cannot activate the exam again.
  12. Don’t worry if you accidentally close the window and exit the exam. If you exit the exam without confirming it, you can log in again and continue where you left off. The answers will not be deleted. But the time will keep running out.
  13. A warning message will appear on the screen if you open a page other than the Pangea Math World exam portal. Violations will be recorded by the system. This may be a reason for canceling the exam.
  14. In the Qualification Round, 3-5-7-9-11th grade students who score 50 or more points, and 4-6-8-10-12th grade students who score 65 or more points, advance to the International Pangea Math World Finals. According to the average success of the participants, these score limits may be updated in favor of students.
  15. The International Final Round is scored on a scale of 100 points + 5 points (time points). All students will be given time points based on their exam completion time and they will be ranked based on their total scores.
  16. Students must answer the questions without assistance. It is prohibited to ask for assistance from any person, printed material, or electronic device.
  17. Copying, photographing, reproducing, sharing, or archiving questions from the exam screen is strictly prohibited. The exams of those responsible will be canceled in case of violations in this regard.
  18. In case of a technical problem, the student's LOGs registered on the Pangea Math World servers will be examined and an evaluation will be made by taking into account; the confirmation of exam regulations, whether the exam has/hasn’t started, how many questions were viewed if the exam screen was opened, the time left on the exam screen and all the other actions recorded.
  19. The results of the Pangea Math World Qualification Exams will be announced on 1 February 2023.
    The results of the International Pangea Math World Final Exams will be announced on 1 March 2023. 
  20. The Pangea Math World Olympiad preserves all rights to publish and use the questions from the Olympiad. It may not be broadcasted, copied, or otherwise used in any way.

Good luck with the exams.