General Terms of the Pangea Math World

  1. The Pangea Math World is a registered trademark of Pangea-Wettbewerbe eV.
  2. The official language of the Pangea Math World is English. Notifications from the web page and social media accounts are made in English. All questions received via contact form are answered in English.
  3. The name of Pangea Math World can be stated as Pangea World or simply Pangea on the web page.
  4. Each student, teacher and school registered to Pangea Math World has a Pangea account in the Pangea Math World database. Personal information, exam information, exam results, certificates and payment information are located in this account.
  5. Pangea Math World exams are done through Pangea's exam portal. No exam password or exam link will be sent to the participants.
  6. All questions of Pangea Math World are original and belong to its own team. Commercial copying or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
  7. Pangea Math World exams will be available in 4 languages: English, French, Russian and Azərbaycan.
  8. The exam questions are the same in all languages. Participants can choose the language they want to take the exam during registration.
  9. Pangea Math World 2023 exams consist of 3 stages: Qualification Round (online), Final Round (online) and Global Round (Berlin - Germany).
  10. The Pangea Math World Qualification Round Exam has a participation fee of €20. Attendance at the International Final Round is free
  11. In the Qualification Round exam, a zoom connection with one camera is required, and in the Final Round exam, two cameras are required.
  12. Personal data submitted during registration at Pangea Math World is kept private under terms of the Personal Data Protection Act. Email addresses are collected to send reminders and notifications regarding the competition. ​Phone numbers, on the other hand, are required in order to contact students who receive high rankings but cannot be reached via e-mail after the results are announced.
  13. The student, parent or teacher bears the responsibilities that arise as a result of the accuracy of the information provided during registration for Pangea Math World. ​(Example: A student misses the exam date and time because the reminder e-mail was not received due to an incorrect e-mail address submitted during registration.)
  14. Pangea Math World makes official announcements on its website (from the main page’s banner and announcements section) during the Olympiad. Furthermore, Instagram social media account is also used to send out shares and reminders (Instagram: pangeamath). Students, parents, and teachers are all responsible for following these announcements.
  15. All elementary, secondary, and high school students in grades 3 through 12 are eligible to compete in the Pangea Math World Olympiad. There is no restriction on age. Students can sign up based on their current grade levels rather than their school year when registering for the competition.