Terms of the Pangea Math World - Final Round

  1. The Pangea Math World - International Final Round will be held online in all participating countries on the same date.
  2. FINAL ROUND DATE: ​​18 February 2023 - Saturday
  3. Participation in Pangea Math World - Final Round is free of charge.
  4. Participants will take the exam via their own Pangea account panels.
  5. The Final Round Exam of the Pangea Math World Olympiad will take place at 11:00 a.m. local time in each capital city.
  6. Grades 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12 will take the exam together by answering the same questions from the same booklets. (Example: 3rd and 4th grades take the exam by answering the same 25 questions.)
  7. There are 25 questions in the Final Round.
  8. In the Pangea Final Round, 3 wrong questions reduce the total score by 1 point. Thus, 6 wrong answers will reduce total score by 2 points.
  9. Questions will be multi-choice, with 4 possible answers.
  10. The duration of the exam is 70 minutes.
  11. The Final Round is scored on a scale of 100 points + 5 points (time points). All students will be given time points based on their exam completion time and they will be ranked based on their total scores.
  12. Zoom connection and camera must be on during the exam. All participants are recorded during the exam to be checked later. These recordings will be deleted 3 months after the final exam date.
  13. The Final Round requires a zoom connection with two cameras for exam safety and accurate results evaluation. One of the cameras can be found on the device you use to take the exam (PC, Laptop, tablet) and the other can be another device (smartphone, tablet)..
  14. Participants are required to use Pangea Math World student ID as Zoom display name.
  15. The following controls are carried out for students who advance to the rankings:
    a) The student is required to upload a photo and a student certificate to the panel following the announcement of the results.
    b) ​Both camera recordings are checked, while the ID is compared to the ZOOM recording and the participant's photo is checked for an exact match.
    c) Examining the movements during the exam
    d) Control of digital actions through LOG records of the exam system
  16. In the event that a student's examination process is found to be inconsistent during the controls mentioned in Article 14, that student's ranking will be revoked. The lists will be updated by upgrading the ranking of the following students.
  17. All students who take the Final Round exams will receive a certificate of participation.
  18. Click for Medals, Certificates and Awards.