The Pangea Math World is a unique mathematics competition organized by Pangea Wettbewerb e.V. (Frankfurt / M). The competition has been steadily growing since 2007 with the number of participants increasing every year.

Pangea Wettbewerb e.V. is officially recognized as a non-profit organization; it only pursues the goals that are specified in its statute. It duly reports to the tax office on an annual basis.This association is supported by sponsorships and donations.

The organization has relationships with teachers, employees, educators, volunteers, supporters, and partners of various nationalities, religions, and cultures, as well as people who hold opposing views and sympathize with various social groups. We do not question these for democratic and legal reasons, as long as they do not violate the principles expressed in the Pangea Wettbewerb e.V. statue or basic democratic principles.

The Pangea Math World project will continue to expand in the future and motivate and inspire more students. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with exam supervision, question preparation, or competition promotion. If you would like to support, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also welcome constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.