Participation Fee and Payment Conditions

  1. The Qualification Round exam has a participation fee of 20 €. Participation in the International Final Round exam is FREE.
  2. Payment is made through the student panel of the participant.
  3. The deadline for payment is 20 January 2023.
  4. Payment can only be made with a credit card.
  5. There will be no refunds if you refuse to participate for any reason after making a payment.
  6. Exams will be held on a specific day and time. No make-up exam will be provided afterwards.
  7. Teachers and schools can make group payments for their students through their registration panels.
  8. All received payments are invoiced. Teachers or schools making lump-sum payments should send their invoice requests to on behalf of their institutions.
  9. Checking exam dates and times is strongly recommended before selecting a category and making a payment.