Philosophy of Pangea Math World

Pangea Math World is an entertaining and challenging competition for primary, secondary and high school students. With the motto "Mathematics connects," Pangea Math World bring students of different geographic areas, social and educational backgrounds who are interested in mathematics and have a talent for it together to motivate them and share their experiences and enjoyment with other children. Because globalization entails development of education and exchange of knowledge. We aim to support students’ interest in mathematics, as well as facilitating development of a mindset directed towards solving complicated tasks.

Unfortunately, many children, particularly girls, are "afraid" of math. This fear is unfounded and can be reduced through a sense of achievement. In order to do justice to all children, many of the tasks in the preliminary rounds of the Pangea Math World are designed to reflect a skills-based approach. As a result, even students who believe they are weak in mathematics are motivated to take on the challenge.

Pangea Math World combines logic and arithmetic. Students who are averse to mathematics warm up to it and even enjoy it. It is our hope that the participants will share their experiences with their friends and classmates, hopefully spreading them with their newfound joy in arithmetic.